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Invisalign & Clear Aligners

Invisalign Before Invisalign After

Concern & Treatment

This patient wanted to straighten her teeth with Invisalign. She had previously been advised that her only option was to get braces. After only ten months of Invisalign treatment, we achieved a beautiful result for this patient.


Braces Before Braces After

Concern & Treatment

This patient was embarrased to show us his teeth when he first came to the clinic. He wanted a beautiful smile that would give him confidence. Instead of braces, we started widening the patient's jaws using expanders. Once widened, we used braces to straighten all the teeth and create a nice wide smile. Finally, we did edge bonding to replace worn edges of the incisors, resulting in a winning smile.

Complete Smile Makeover

Complete Smile Makeover Before - Ceramic Crowns Complete Smile Makeover After - Ceramic Crowns

Concern & Treatment

This patient wanted to improve the colour and appearance of her teeth while also protecting them from further wear and damage. Due to severe wear and damage caused by reflux, teeth grinding, and dental decay, we had to rebuild the teeth to their original shape and form by 'capping' all of them with ceramic crowns. We took great care to select a colour that was bright white but still looked natural.

Veneers & Bonding

Veneers & Bonding Before Veneers & Bonding After

Concern & Treatment

This patient wanted to close a small gap between her front teeth, and to improve the balance of her smile, while keeping it looking natural. We chose minimally invasive porcelain veneers, which we placed on the front four teeth to enhance the shape and colour. Would you be able to guess which teeth had veneers?

Teeth Replacement

Replace Missing Teeth Before Replace Missing Teeth After

Concern & Treatment

This patient came in with a broken front tooth, which fractured while they were eating. We determined that our best option was to remove the root, replacing it with a realistic looking bridge. Of course, we made a temporary solution for her on the day, since it was her front tooth! The treatment took around six months in total, as the gums had to heal before the final ceramic restoration.

Gum Treatment & Teeth Whitening

Gum Treatment & Whitening Before Gum Treatment & Whitening After

Concern & Treatment

This patient presented with dental anxiety, bleeding gums, and yellowed teeth. She is a teacher, and a student had commented on how yellow her teeth looked. We ensured the patient's comfort while performing gum treatment, polished her teeth, and issued a take-home whitening kit. She showed significant improvement in gum health and tooth colour, and had regained a lot of her self-confidence.