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Gum Treatment & Teeth Whitening

View our happy client results below. *Individual results will vary. Your dentist will discuss a treatment plan with you and what you can expect.

Gum Treatment & Whitening Before Gum Treatment & Whitening After

Concern & Treatment

This patient presented with dental anxiety, bleeding gums, and yellowed teeth. She is a teacher, and a student had commented on how yellow her teeth looked. We ensured the patient's comfort while performing gum treatment, polished her teeth, and issued a take-home whitening kit. She showed significant improvement in gum health and tooth colour, and had regained a lot of her self-confidence.
Braces Before Braces After

Concern & Treatment

This patient complained of crowded teeth. After her initial consult, we found she had a narrow jaw contributing to her crowding. We used expanders to widen her jaw, and braces to align her teeth. The result is a wide and beautiful smile that fills her cheeks.