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CBCT Scan – Advanced Imaging For Dental Care Precision

Experience unparalleled precision and clarity in dental diagnostics with our cutting-edge CBCT scan technology.

Accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning are crucial for successful dental procedures. At Newmarket Family Dental, we use our new CBCT scanner to ensure the highest quality of dental imaging. Whether you’re considering dental implants or other advanced dental treatments, our state-of-the-art cone beam CT scans provide detailed images, enhancing your overall dental experience.

What Is A CBCT Scan?

A CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scan is a specialised type of dental X-ray that provides a three-dimensional view of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and jaw bone. This advanced imaging technology offers more detailed information compared to traditional X-rays, allowing for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

The CBCT scan is particularly useful for complex dental procedures, offering clear, precise images that are essential for successful outcomes.

newmarket family dental cone beam ct scanner
newmarket family dental dentist shows cbct scan results to patient

What Makes A CBCT Scan Different From Traditional CT Scan Or X-Ray?

Unlike traditional CT scans or standard X-rays, CBCT scans use a cone-shaped X-ray beam to capture a comprehensive 3D image in a single rotation around the patient’s head. This method significantly reduces the amount of radiation exposure compared to conventional CT scans, making it a safer option for dental imaging. 

Additionally, CBCT scans provide higher resolution images, offering detailed views of your dental structures that are not possible with traditional X-rays. This level of detail is crucial for accurately planning treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics, and other complex dental procedures.

Is A Cone Beam CT Scan Necessary For Your Treatment?

Determining whether a CBCT scan is necessary depends on the complexity of your dental needs. For standard dental check-ups or simple procedures, traditional X-rays might suffice. However, for more intricate treatments like dental implants, root canal therapy, or orthodontic planning, a CBCT scan is invaluable.

It provides a comprehensive view of your oral anatomy, ensuring that every aspect of your treatment is meticulously planned and executed. Our experienced dental team will evaluate your specific situation and recommend a CBCT scan if it is deemed beneficial for your treatment.

The Benefits of Using a Cone Beam CT Scan

Using a CBCT scan offers several advantages that contribute to better dental care. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Accuracy

The detailed 3D images from a CBCT scan allow for more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning. This accuracy is crucial for procedures like dental implants, where precise placement is essential for success.

Improved Patient Safety

CBCT scans use a lower dose of radiation compared to traditional CT scans, making them a safer choice for patients. This reduction in radiation exposure is especially important for patients who require multiple scans.

Comprehensive View

CBCT scans provide a complete view of your dental anatomy, including teeth, bones, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. This comprehensive perspective helps in identifying issues that might not be visible on standard X-rays.

Time Efficiency

The ability to capture all necessary images in a single rotation reduces the time needed for scanning. This efficiency is beneficial for both patients and our dental team as it allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.

Why Is a CBCT Scan Ideal For Dental Implants And Other Dental Treatments?

Dental implants and other complex dental treatments require precise planning and execution. A CBCT scan offers the detailed images needed to ensure successful outcomes.

For dental implants, the scan provides crucial information about the bone structure, allowing for accurate placement of the implant. This precision minimises the risk of complications and enhances the overall success rate of the procedure. Additionally, CBCT scans are invaluable for other treatments such as:

  • Orthodontics – Detailed images help in planning effective orthodontic treatments, ensuring optimal alignment and results.
  • Root Canal Therapy – The scan offers a clear view of the root canal anatomy, aiding in accurate treatment.
  • Oral Surgery –  Comprehensive images assist in planning surgeries with precision, reducing the risk of complications.

What To Expect On Your CBCT Scan Appointment

We strive to make the process of getting a CBCT scan as simple and stress-free as possible. When you contact us to schedule an appointment, our friendly staff will help you find a convenient time that fits your schedule. Once the appointment is set, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1. Fill out some paperwork

On the day of your appointment, arrive at our clinic a few minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork. Our team will be ready to assist you and ensure your visit is comfortable.

Step 2. Preparing for the Scan

Before the scan, one of our dental specialists will explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have. You’ll be asked to remove any metal objects that could interfere with the scan, such as jewellery or glasses.

Step 3. Review of Results

After the scan, our dentist will review the detailed images and discuss the findings with you. This review helps in planning your treatment accurately and effectively.

Step 4. Follow-Up

Depending on your treatment plan, we will schedule follow-up appointments to proceed with the necessary dental procedures. Our team will guide you through each step, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

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