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A smile does more than just look good. It shows how we feel, boosts confidence, and spreads happiness. However, missing teeth can make it hard for some people to fully express themselves. At Newmarket Family Dental, we offer dental implants near Everton Park to help solve this problem. With the latest technology and our experienced team, we can replace missing teeth and help you smile confidently again.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Imagine a treatment that doesn’t just cover the space left by a lost tooth, but does it in a way that matches how natural teeth are designed. That’s what dental implants are – artificial roots made to fit right in with your jawbone. 

They serve as a base for a prosthetic tooth that’s just as strong, useful, and good-looking as your real teeth. The end result is a set of replacement teeth that feel, work, and look just like the ones you were born with.

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Every person’s smile is one-of-a-kind, and the same goes for their dental care needs. Dental implants have changed many lives, but they’re not the right choice for everyone.

To be a good fit for implants, you need to be in overall good health, have healthy gums, and enough bone to support the implant. However, if you think you don’t meet these criteria, don’t stress. Our skilled detnal team will take a close look at your situation and recommend the most suitable dental restoration option just for you.

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Exploring the Various Types of Dental Implants

Understanding the various dental implant options might seem daunting at first, given the range of choices. However, knowing the differences is key to making the right decisions for your dental health.

Different types of implants are designed to meet distinct dental issues and configurations, guaranteeing a customised solution for each individual. Delving into the diverse dental implants available can help clarify their design, how they work, and the specific situations they’re best suited for.

Endosseous Implants

These are the standard dental implants. Resembling screws, they are placed directly into the jawbone, offering a robust foundation for the prosthetic tooth. Crafted from biocompatible materials like titanium, they promise durability and integration with the bone.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants offer a solution for those with shallow bone height or who cannot undergo routine bone augmentation procedures. Sitting atop the bone but beneath the gum line, these implants provide a unique foundation for tooth replacement.

Transosteal Implants

A less common option, transosteal implants involve a pin or a U-shaped frame that is passed through the jawbone and the gum tissue. They are often chosen based on specific dental configurations and challenges.

Is It Safe To Get Dental Implants Near Everton Park?

Choosing someone for your dental care is a big decision that’s all about trust. Dental implants are backed by years of research showing they’re safe. At Newmarket Family Dental, we take this trust to the next level. We stick to the strictest safety protocols, use the best materials available, and apply the latest techniques to make sure your experience with dental implants near Everton Park is both secure and rewarding.

Can Newmarket Family Dental Ensure Painless Dental Implant Procedures?

Many people feel anxious about dental procedures because they’re worried about pain. But when it comes to dental implants, there’s good news. Local anesthesia makes the procedure painless, and our experienced dentist helps ensure any discomfort is minimised. After the surgery, you may feel some soreness, similar to what you’d feel after having a tooth pulled. However, with our comprehensive aftercare instructions, this discomfort is both manageable and short-lived.

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Caring for Your Dental Implants

The journey doesn’t end once the implant is in place. It’s just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to quality dental care. Regular brushing, using non-abrasive toothpaste, meticulous flossing, and routine dental check-ups ensure your implants remain pristine after the oral surgery. Avoiding hard or sticky foods in the initial days post-surgery can also aid healing the implant site and surrounding teeth.

Why Choose Us For Dental Implants Near Everton Park?

Optimal oral health goes beyond just the latest technology and tools. It’s built on trust. At Newmarket Family Dental, we combine these essential elements to provide an experience that focuses on your comfort and goals. Our team’s commitment and advanced dental implant solutions make every procedure a success story, bringing back confidence and bright smiles to our patients.

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A radiant, functional smile can redefine your life in ways you’ve never imagined. At Newmarket Family Dental, we’re poised to guide you on this transformative journey.

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