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Dental X Ray – Essential Tool For Oral Health

At Newmarket Family Dental, our latest in dental X ray technology is key to uncovering hidden dental issues like cavities and impacted teeth with minimal radiation.

For our team at Newmarket Family Dental, the dental X ray is a fundamental component of modern dental care. It provides crucial insights that help our dentists diagnose and treat conditions that are not visible during a regular dental exam.

By using low levels of radiation to capture images of your teeth and gums, our X-ray helps uncover problems like cavities, tooth decay, and impacted teeth.

How Dental X Rays Work

Dental X rays involve a small dose of ionising radiation to produce images of a patient’s oral structures. This allows our dentists to see through soft tissues to the hard bones and teeth, identifying problems below the surface of the gums.

X-rays are performed in our clinic using specialised equipment that directs the radiation at the area of interest while minimising exposure to other parts of the patient’s head and body.

Newmarket Family Dental offers the latest in teeth X-Ray and dental imaging
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Safety And Frequency

With the latest digital X-ray technology, the amount of radiation from dental X rays is extremely low, which means radiation exposure is reduced further when compared to traditional methods. Dentists adhere to strict guidelines to ensure minimal radiation exposure, using lead aprons and shields to protect patients. The frequency of dental X rays depends on the individual’s oral health needs, with some needing more frequent images due to ongoing treatment and others only requiring them periodically.

Benefits Of Dental X Rays

The benefits of using dental X rays are significant, as they help diagnose and treat oral health issues at an early stage. They are particularly useful in planning complex dental procedures such as extractions, braces, implants, and other treatments that require a detailed view of the teeth and jawbone.

Dental X rays are indispensable in the preventive and diagnostic dental process, helping ensure that minor issues can be addressed before becoming major concerns.

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Whether dealing with a specific dental concern or aiming for preventative care, our advanced imaging techniques provide detailed insights into your oral health, all with minimal discomfort.

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