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Our dental team believes that having properly aligned teeth and the correct bite can enhance your smile. That’s why we offer teeth braces in Newmarket, a custom orthodontic treatment to help our patients get the smile they’ve always wanted while addressing their dental concerns.

At Newmarket Family Dental, we can help you attain straighter teeth and a beautiful smile using dental braces. These devices have proven to be an effective solution for achieving well-aligned teeth and stunning smiles.

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Why Do You Need Teeth Braces?

Teeth braces are a vital orthodontic solution designed to address various dental issues, including misaligned teeth, dental overcrowding, and bite irregularities. By choosing teeth braces, you can effectively correct these concerns and achieve a harmonious, straight smile that can boost your self-confidence and oral functionality.

Why Choose Us For Your Teeth Braces In Newmarket?

At Newmarket Family Dental, we understand that undergoing an orthodontic treatment is a big decision.  Our dental team has the knowledge and experience in this field of dentistry, and we’re passionate about creating personalised treatment plans for each patient. This ensures everyone can achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

Our practice is known for: 

  • Individualised Care – We understand that every smile is unique, which is why we take the time to build a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Experienced Team – Our dentists have years of experience in teeth braces and other orthodontic treatments. You can be confident you are in good hands.
  • Advanced Technology – We use the latest technology in dentistry to ensure your treatment is not only effective but also comfortable and efficient.
  • Convenient Location – Our Newmarket location makes it easier for you to set an appointment with us within your hectic schedule.

We believe a beautiful smile can boost your confidence and overall well-being. That’s why we’re committed to providing Newmarket locals with orthodontic treatment in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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What Are Dental Braces?

Dental braces have withstood the test of time. Made from special brackets, wires, and bands, these devices work by gradually shifting and aligning teeth into their proper position. Modern metal braces are more efficient, comfortable, and visually appealing, so people of all ages can wear them with confidence.

Types Of Teeth Braces

Dental or bracket braces are more than just metal appliances installed around your teeth. The options available in modern dentistry are more varied and can be customised to meet the demands, comfort levels, and cosmetic preferences of each patient.

Here are some of the teeth braces used for orthodontic treatments:

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal brackets have long been a staple of teeth straightening procedures. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, traditional braces are renowned for their durability and effectiveness in putting teeth into the correct alignment.

When you opt for traditional braces, metal brackets will be attached to your teeth using dental adhesive and wire. This method can address misaligned bite, jaw issues, as well as crooked or crowded teeth. The goal is to improve dental hygiene, and remedy eating or speech difficulties stemming from poorly positioned teeth or jaw.

Metal Self-Ligating Braces

Modern orthodontics has led to the development of metal self-ligating braces. These braces do not need to be attached like standard metal braces do. As an alternative, they hold the archwire in place with a clip, which lowers friction and could reduce the course of treatment.

Aesthetic or Tooth Coloured Brackets

Aesthetic brackets are a great choice for those who like their dental treatment to be discrete. They provide a subtle way for the patient to achieve the perfect smile since they are made to match the natural colour of teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces combine style and functionality. They can be inconspicuous and are more durable than metal ones. Since they are made of ceramic material, they can blend flawlessly with your natural teeth.

We use ceramic braces made from composite materials. They can match the colour of your natural teeth and are available in varying degrees of transparency. Our dentist will evaluate if you are suitable to use ceramic braces.

Orthodontics - The Foundation of Dental Braces

In the field of dentistry, orthodontics is more than simply a fancy word. It’s a specialty area focused on treating dental abnormalities such as crowded teeth, misaligned jaws, and bite problems. For orthodontic treatments,  dental braces are a standard device.

Orthodontics focuses on identifying and correcting abnormalities in the teeth and face. The goal is centred on the following:

  • Maintaining the proper bite, which is essential for the best possible oral health.
  • Improving the overall look of your face and your smile’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Keeping up your long-term oral health by preventing dental problems.

Are Dental Braces The Same As Clear Aligners?

While Invisalign aligners and dental braces are both designed for teeth straightening, their approaches are different. In contrast to removable clear aligners, dental braces are fixed orthodontic devices. Every orthodontic treatment has advantages of its own, and the decision usually comes down to one’s personal preferences and particular dental needs.

Are You A Suitable Candidate For Our Teeth Braces In Newmarket?

Dental braces could be your key to a beautiful smile, whether you’re a child, teen, or adult dealing with misaligned teeth or jaws. Braces can treat a wide range of dental issues, including gaps, overbites, and underbites.

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Your Journey With Dental Braces - What to Expect

Starting your orthodontic journey to straighter teeth may seem daunting, but with the right information and guidance from our Newmarket dentist, it can become an adventure to achieve your ideal smile. 

Here’s an overview of our life-changing procedure, from the initial appointment to the big reveal:

Do’s And Don’ts When You Have Dental Braces

Braces need proper care as you go about your daily life wearing them. Even if they’re made to be resilient, there are steps you can take to guarantee both your comfort and their lifespan. A few small changes to your everyday routine, such as the food you eat or how you brush, can guarantee a seamless experience with your fixed braces.

The Risks Of Dental Braces

Like any medical treatment, there can be some potential downsides to metal braces. These include temporary discomfort, oral hygiene challenges, and the rare possibility of allergic reaction to certain dental components. The good news is that these risks are usually temporary and easily managed with the right care and guidance by our dentist.

At Newmarket Family Dental, we prioritise your comfort and well-being throughout your orthodontic journey. Our dentist will:

  • Thoroughly discuss all potential risks and benefits of braces with you before you start treatment.
  • Recommend the best type of braces for your individual needs and preferences.
  • Provide you with detailed information on how to take care of your braces and practise proper dental hygiene.
  • Monitor your progress closely and adapt the treatment as necessary to minimise discomfort.

Why Choose Us For Your Newmarket Teeth Braces?

As a trusted Newmarket dentist, we provide orthodontic treatments using teeth braces. Our team is dedicated to developing individualised treatments using our years of experience to make sure that our patients leave with a beautiful, straighter smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, children between the ages of 9 and 14 are usually prescribed to wear dental braces. Generally, once adult permanent teeth have grown, braces are a viable option.

The duration of wearing dental braces varies based on the complexity of your orthodontic issues, response to treatment, and adherence to orthodontic guidelines. On average, the treatment duration typically ranges from 18 to 36 months.

While some discomfort or mild soreness may be experienced initially and following adjustments, dental braces should not cause significant pain. Any pain or discomfort is usually temporary and can be alleviated with our dentist’s help.

Maintaining the results of your teeth braces requires diligent oral hygiene practices, regular dental check-ups, and possible use of retainers to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position.

The kind of braces, length of treatment, and specific treatment requirements can all affect how much braces cost in Newmarket. Our team at Newmarket Family Dental will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs during your initial consultation, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding your orthodontic care.