Newmarket Family Dental

Your First Visit

Newmarket Family Dental is currently welcoming new patients to our modern surgery. When you arrive for your first appointment, our reception staff will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about your medical and dental history, so that we can provide you with the best possible dental care.

Discussing Your Treatment

After meeting your new Dentist, they will discuss your medical/dental history and answer any questions, so you are comfortable with the care being provided.  The Dentist will then undertake a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, mouth, lips and jaw in addition to any previous dental work such as crowns or implants etc.

3D teeth scan

One of the unique parts of a dental check up with us is our state of the art intra-oral scanner. This machine takes thousands of photos of your teeth and jaws, and joins them to create a realistic, accurate model of your teeth. When done yearly, we can keep track of any changes, such as unwanted teeth movement, gum recession and tooth wear, down to a fraction of a millimeter.


X-Rays may be required to determine the extent of any decay, infection, damage or injury to your teeth and jaw, with the results being fully discussed before any treatment is commenced.  Newmarket Family Dental uses modern digital X-Ray machines that provide more accurate and clear images, with substantially less radiation than older style equipment.

Your Treatment Plan

A personalised dental care plan will be prepared including any fixed price quotes for you to consider, and approve.  Your Dentist will then undertake any agreed work during that initial visit, and schedule additional work as required.

Preventative Dental Care

Newmarket Family Dental also encourages preventative dental care to keep your teeth healthy and avoid costly and painful dental problems. Our New Patient Special ($179 or Gap Free listed below) provides a range of dental services focused on helping you maintain optimum dental health.

First Visit to Newmarket Family Dental
Teeth Clean

Health Fund Member with extras cover

Newmarket Family Dental accepts all health funds & are preferred providers as well. New patients with dental extras health cover don’t pay anything out of pocket for their first check up and clean! See our New Patient Offers.

No Health Fund cover

Newmarket Family Dental has developed a low cost and fixed price preventative care package for new patients without private health cover.

Dental Check-up + X-Ray + Professional Dental Clean + Fluoride treatment = $179 fixed price guaranteed!

In order to help you maintain your dental health, we offer $199 check up and cleans at future visits.

We believe that prevention is the best cure to any dental problem!