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Clear Teeth Aligners – Do Online Brands Really Work?


Are you looking for an easier way to straighten your teeth without spending a fortune? Clear aligners can be the perfect solution. You’ve discovered this blog, so no doubt you’ve come across the many “direct-to-door” online brands of clear aligners.

With these online brands, prices are often lower than what your dentist would charge, and ready-made kits are available with no appointment needed. But is it really worth the risk of skipping out on professional care? Today we’re looking at how clear teeth aligners work, when an online brand may be suitable, and when you’re better off going to a professional. So keep reading to ensure you get safe, effective and desired results!

What are Clear Teeth Aligners and How Do They Work

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that fit directly over your teeth, making them a great alternative to traditional braces. Throughout your treatment, you’ll go through multiple aligners, and each clear aligner is slightly different from the last, with slight adjustments helping to straighten your teeth slowly over time. Clear aligners provide an efficient and comfortable way of realigning and straightening teeth without compromising patient comfort or the aesthetic appearance of braces. When worn as directed for the prescribed length of time, clear aligners can be an effective tool for effectively transforming smiles and regaining self-confidence in the process. View a sample of our before and after results.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Brand of Clear Aligners

When considering clear aligners, it’s essential to evaluate the complexity of your case. Online brands typically work well for simple cases, but more complex cases may require in-person visits to a dentist or orthodontist. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider your bite when choosing clear aligners. Straightening your teeth without considering your bite can lead to an uneven bite, which can cause further dental problems down the line. Finally, while online brands may focus solely on straightening teeth, dentists and orthodontists typically consider your mouth’s overall health and functionality. So, when choosing between online brands and in-person treatment, it’s essential to weigh these factors carefully.

Pros and Cons of Direct-to-Door and Online Brands

To be very clear, direct-to-door options are not “all bad”. There is a time and a place for them. We’ve outlined some pros and cons below.

Pros of direct-to-door clear aligners:

  • Suitable for simple cases with minor corrections, little to no changes to the bite
  • More affordable than in-person treatment options.

Cons of direct-to-door clear aligners:

  • Online brands don’t use x-rays to check bone and gum health, or the health of the teeth, which can have major consequences if there are underlying issues.
  • The accuracy of the impressions relies on the patient taking them at home and mailing them in, which can lead to distortion over time. Digital scanning at a dental practice is a more accurate alternative.
  • Aligners may need attachments to grip onto teeth and achieve the desired movement, which requires a dental professional to bond temporary tooth-coloured bumps to the teeth.
  • Simulations may not be entirely reflective of real-life movement, and without proper monitoring, treatment can go awry.
  • Direct-to-door clear aligners cannot issue fixed retainers (e.g. wires placed at the back of your teeth), which can be more effective in keeping teeth straight in the long term.

Safety Concerns With Buying Clear Aligners Online

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When it comes to clear aligners, safety should always come first. Buying clear aligners online may seem like a more affordable and convenient option. However, these direct-to-door brands often don’t guarantee the same quality as clear aligners purchased from a dentist’s office. With an improperly fitted clear aligner, health risks such as gum damage and teeth aliment issues can arise. Furthermore, if you’re not being monitored by a professional during treatment, complications could arise without your knowledge. It’s important to remember that clear aligners purchased from a dentist come with professional guidance and other advantages, such as regular in-office checkups and follow-up visits with experts trained to look for any potential dangers that may occur when using clear aligners.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Investment in Oral Care

While it may be tempting to purchase cheaper brands from online stores, remember that you get what you pay for – visiting the dentist gives you access to experienced, qualified professionals who will provide supervised care and customised aligners for your specific situation. However, if buying direct-to-door or a cheaper brand of clear aligners is the only way dental visits and treatment can fit into your budget plan, ensure that only nationally-approved products are utilised. To help make sure your investment in oral healthcare goes as far as possible, no matter which path you choose, Newmarket Family Dental offers payment plans on Invisalign, Spark, and our own custom-made aligners.

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