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How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?


So, you’ve woken up one morning and can now feel a small bit of tooth poking through the gums at the back of your mouth. You ignore it for a while, and maybe even forget about it, until one day it starts to ache, and the gum around your wisdom tooth becomes red and swollen. Now you can’t ignore it any longer but are feeling anxious about how much it’s all going to cost?

If this sounds familiar, read on.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Prices Fluctuate

All wisdom teeth are different and can vary significantly in how difficult they are to remove. It really depends on if they are stuck in the jaw or behind another tooth, your age (younger is better!) and how close it sits next to your nerves in the jaw. Usually, bottom wisdom teeth are harder to remove. Because of this, it is very hard to provide an ‘average’ cost for their removal. But we’ll try and break it down for you.

What Factors Influence Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

If the wisdom teeth are straightforward and don’t sit on top of the nerve, then the procedure can be done safely by a general dentist with training and expertise in wisdom teeth removal like Newmarket Family Dental.

Straightforward Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Newmarket Family Dental, we ensure our patients are sufficiently numbed up with local anaesthetic, so they don’t feel any pain. Although we can provide some tablets for anxiety, you will be awake.

In recent years, local anaesthetics have only improved, and this treatment route is considerably more popular.

This is the most cost-effective option, costing between $300 – $500 per wisdom tooth. We often advise patients to get all four wisdom teeth removed at once as the top ones become effectively useless without the bottom ones to bite against. Generally, we charge between $1400 – $1600.

Helpfully, a lot of this can be covered by private health funds. If you don’t have private insurance, we can also arrange a payment plan which averages only $26 per week after the initial deposit.

More Complicated Wisdom Teeth Removal

Difficult and riskier wisdom teeth are best removed by a specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS). The good news is this is less common. However, many people also choose to see an OMS if they prefer to be sedated or completely ‘knocked out’ during the procedure. The cost of this is generally significantly more, usually around double that quoted earlier.

This is because the OMS is a surgical specialist, and the wisdom teeth removal requires more time, equipment and expertise.

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

The first step is to book a no-obligation free consult with one of our expert dentists and get an OPG x-ray scan of your wisdom teeth, so we can discuss which option would be better for you. Our dentists have removed hundreds of wisdom teeth and will be able to provide honest advice for your individual needs.

We can also discuss payment plans and cater to your situation and needs. Our dental payment plans for procedures like this average usually a little over $20 per week after a 20% deposit (which can be put on your private health insurance).

To learn more, book your initial consult now.