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Teeth Replacement

View our happy client results below. *Individual results will vary. Your dentist will discuss a treatment plan with you and what you can expect.

Replace Missing Teeth Before Replace Missing Teeth After

Concern & Treatment

This patient came in with a broken front tooth, which fractured while they were eating. We determined that our best option was to remove the root, replacing it with a realistic looking bridge. Of course, we made a temporary solution for her on the day, since it was her front tooth! The treatment took around six months in total, as the gums had to heal before the final ceramic restoration.
Braces Before Braces After

Concern & Treatment

This patient complained of crowded teeth. After her initial consult, we found she had a narrow jaw contributing to her crowding. We used expanders to widen her jaw, and braces to align her teeth. The result is a wide and beautiful smile that fills her cheeks.